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Mona Simion (Glasgow)
Executive Committee Member of the Aristotelian Society


Mona Simion

Mona Simion is Deputy Director of the COGITO Epistemology Research Centre at the University of Glasgow. Her research interests are inepistemology (epistemic norms, social epistemology, knowledge first epistemology), philosophy of language (assertion, conceptual engineering, contextualism), moral & political philosophy (wellbeing, blame, trust, distributive justice, voting, media ethics), and feminist philosophy (epistemic injustice, gender concepts). She is the author of two monographs:  ‘Shifty Speech and Independent Thought;‘ (Oxford University Press 2021) and ‘Sharing Knowledge‘ (Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming, with C. Kelp).

She is also the winner of the Young Epistemologist Prize 2021.

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