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May 2022
the barcelona principles

The Aristotelian Society endorses the Barcelona Principles, for a Globally Inclusive Philosophy. The Barcelona Principles seek to highlight and address the structural inequalities that non-native English users face in contemporary philosophy. Please click here to read more.

June 2020
A Statement from the Aristotelian Society

The recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery have underlined the systemic racism and racial injustice that continue to pervade not just US but also British society. The Aristotelian Society stands resolutely opposed to racism and discrimination in any form. In line with its founding principles, the Society is committed to ensuring that all its members can meet on an equal footing in the promotion of philosophy. In order to achieve this aim, we will continue to work to identify ways that we can improve, in consultation with others. We recognise it as part of the mission of the Society to actively promote philosophical work that engages productively with issues of race and racism.

The following papers, which the Aristotelian Society has published, are now free to access:

Kwame Anthony Appiah 
‘How to decide if races exist’

John Gardner
‘Discrimination: the good, the bad, and the wrongful’

Colleen Murphy
‘On Principled Compromise: when does a process of transitional justice qualify as just?’

Quayshawn Spencer
‘A more radical solution to the race problem’

Katharine Jenkins
‘Two Routes to Radical Racial Pluralism’

Jennifer Saul
‘What is happening to our norms against racist hate speech?’

Charles Mills
‘Racial Justice’

Katrin Flikschuh
‘Philosophical Racism’

Derrick Darby
‘Rights Externalism and Racial Injustice’ [podcast]

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