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Since 2001, the Society has been engaged in a publishing venture in conjunction with Oxford University Press, to produce a series of short philosophical books known as the Lines of Thought series.

There are currently six volumes in this new series:

• Jerry A. Fodor, Hume Variations (2003)
“Brilliant new contribution from one of the world’s most important philosophers.”

• David O. Brink, Perfectionism and the Common Good: Themes in the Philosophy of T.H. Green (2003)
“The rediscovery of a great philosopher that restores perfectionism to the agenda of ethical theory.”

• Mark Eli Kalderon, Moral Fictionalism (2005)

• Jason Stanley, Knowledge and Practical Interests (2005)

• Michael Dummett, Thought and Reality (2006)
“In this short, lucid, rich book, Sir Michael Dummett, perhaps the most eminent living British philosopher, sets out his views about some of the deepest questions in philosophy.”

• Robert C. Stalnaker, Our Knowledge of the Internal World (2008)
“Robert Stalnaker argues that we can understand our knowledge of our thoughts and feelings only by viewing ourselves from the outside.”

Old Series

The Society had previously produced a monograph series in co-operation with Blackwell Publishers:

Volume I
Colin McGinn, Wittgenstein on Meaning (1987)

Volume II
Barry Taylor, Modes of Occurrence (1985)

Volume III
Kit Fine, Reasoning with Arbitrary Objects (1986)

Volume IV
Christopher Peacocke, Thoughts: An Essay on Content

Volume V
David Cooper, Metaphor

Volume VI
David Wiggins, Needs, Values, Truth: Essays in the Philosophy of Value

Volume VII
Jonathan Westphal, Colour: Some Philosophical Problems from Wittgenstein (1987)

Volume VIII
Anthony Savile, Aesthetic Reconstructions: The Seminal Writings of Lessing, Kant & Schiller

Volume IX
Graeme Forbes, Languages of Possibility

Volume X
Jonathan Lowe, Kinds of Being

Volume XI
Ian McFetridge, Logical Necessity and Other Essays

Volume XII
J. Hopkins & A. Savile (eds.), Psychoanalysis, Mind and Art:Perspectives on Richard Wollheim

Volume XIII
Tim Maudlin, Quantum Non-Locality & Relativity: Metaphysical Intimations of Modern Physics (1994)

Volume XIV
John Martin Fischer, The Metaphysics of Free Will (1994)

Volume XV
John Bacon, Universals and Property Instances: The Alphabet of Being

Volume XVI
S. Lovibond & S. Williams (eds.), Essays for David Wiggins: Identity, Truth and Value (1996)

Volume XVII
J. E. Corbí & J. L. Prades, Minds, Causes and Mechanisms: A Case Against Physicalism (2000)

Volume XVIII
Tom Sorell, Moral Theory and Anomaly (2000)