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• Discussion notes and replies to papers from the Proceedings or Supplementary Volume regularly take the form of a concise commentary or criticism.

• Accepted notes and replies are published in the Proceedings only.

• Interested authors are advised to read previous notes and replies published in the Proceedings. This will give prospective authors an idea of what the Society is willing to accept for publication.

• Discussion notes and replies are the only unsolicited papers the Society will review for publication. Any other kind of submission will not be considered.


• Papers must not exceed 2000 words.

• Papers must adhere to the Society’s house style requirements, which are set out in its Style Guide.

• Papers must be formatted in either Word 2003 (and higher) or RTF. Papers containing many symbols, tables, etc. and which may therefore be liable to distortion should be formatted in PDF. Authors who are unsure about the possibility of distortion are free to submit in both Word/RTF and PDF.

• Papers must be prepared for blind review, i.e., no self-identiyfing references.

• Papers must be accompanied by a separate cover sheet which provides the paper’s title, author’s name, instituitonal affiliation (if applicable), and contact details (email address, phone number, and mailing address).

• Please visit our ScholarOne page to submit a discussion note or reply.