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Robert Stern | Executive Committee Member of the Aristotelian Society | Philosophy in London Since 1880

Robert Stern (Sheffield)

Robert Stern is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield, where he has been since 1989. Before that he was a graduate and Research Fellow at St John’s College, Cambridge. His main interests in the history of philosophy are in nineteenth century post-Kantian German philosophy, especially Hegel. His interests in contemporary philosophy are in epistemology, metaphysics and ethics. He is the author of Hegel, Kant and the Structure of the Object (1990), Transcendental Arguments and Scepticism (2000), Hegel and the ‘Phenomenology of Spirit’ (2002), Hegelian Metaphysics (2009) and Understanding Moral Obligation (2012). He is currently President of the British Philosophical Association.