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The Aristotelian Society

est. 1880

submission guidelines

standard terms & conditions

The standard conditions upon which the Society is prepared to grant permission to reprint any material from the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society and the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volume are as follows:

• The Society shall retain entire World Rights.

• The publication shall specify the reprinted paper's source in full and shall contain an acknowledgement as follows:

Reprinted by courtesy of the Editor of the Aristotelian Society:
© [year of publication]

• The publisher shall pay a fee of £12.00 (twelve pounds sterling) plus VAT (at 17.5%) or $24.00 (twenty-four US dollars) for each page or fraction thereof which is reprinted. The fee shall be paid to the Society on or before the publication of the work containing the reprinted paper. Responsibility for any local taxes lies with the publisher.

• For each paper reprinted, the publisher shall send two complimentary copies of the work in which they are reprinted to the Executive Secretary of the Society on or before publication.

• The permission will be restricted solely to the edition specified.

standard requests

When requesting permission to reproduce material, please be sure to include the following information:

• The title, author(s) and page extent of the article you wish to republish, or, in the case where you do not wish to reproduce the whole article, details of which section(s).

• The journal title, volume/issue number and year of publication in which the article appeared, and the page numbers of the article.

•The title, editor(s)/author(s), price, print run, publication date and publisher of the publication in which you wish to reprint the material.

•If the material is being edited or amended in any way, a copy of the final material as it will appear in your publication.

• Contact details for yourself, including a postal address.

author requests

If you wish to include your own article (or an amended version of it) from the Proceedings and/or Supplementary Volume in a collection consisting exclusively of your own work or in a longer work wholly by yourself, no charge is levied by the Society, but the usual acknowledgements should be made in accordance with condition 2 of the 'Standard Terms and Conditions' :

Reprinted by courtesy of the Editor of the Aristotelian Society:
© [year of publication]

requests for educational purposes

Colleges and universities with an institutional subscription with the Society must contact Wiley Blackwell to request permission to reprint (e.g., for course packs and readers).

Educational institutions which do not subscribe to the Volumes can request permission to reprint directly from the Society. All of the standard terms and conditions to reprint (see above) apply to educational permissions requests with the exception of the permissions fee. Educational institutions are charged 50p GBP/$1.00 USD per page.