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F. C. S. Schiller | Virtual Issue of the Aristotelian Society | Philosophy in London Since 1880

F. C. S. Schiller

Ferdinand Canning Scott Schiller (1864-1937) was a German-British philosopher. His philosophy is often aligned with the pragmatism of William James, though Schiller himself referred to it as “humanism.” He argued against both logical positivism and absolute idealism (most notably against Bertrand Russell and F.H. Bradley, respectively). Schiller gained a first class degree in Literae Humaniores from Balliol College, Oxford. From 1893-1897 he was an instructor in philosophy at Cornell University, and in 1897 returned to Oxford to become fellow and tutor of Corpus, where he stayed for more than thirty years. He was treasurer of the Mind Association for many years, and in 1926 was elected a fellow of the British Society. He was an early supporter of evolution and a founding member of the English Eugenics Society.

Schiller was president of the Aristotelian Society from 1921-1922.

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