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* The draft paper will be available approximately one week before the date of the talk.

** A podcast of the talk will be available approximately one week after the talk has been delivered.

*** A draft paper with embedded audio of the talk will be available approximately one week after the talk has been delivered.


Robert Kane (Ph. D. Yale University) is University Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy Emeritus and Professor of Law at The University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of seven books and more that seventy articles on the philosophy of mind, free will and action, ethics and value theory and philosophy of religion, inclu­ding Free Will and Values (1985), Through the Moral Maze (1994), The Significance of Free Will (Oxford, 1996), A Contem­pora­ry Introduction to Free Will (Oxford, 2005), Four Views of Free Will (co-authored with John Fischer, Derk Pereboom and Manuel Vargas, Black­well, 2007) and Ethics and the Quest for Wisdom (Cambridge, 2010). He is editor of The Ox­ford Handbook of Free Will (2002, 2nd edition, 2011), among other anthologies, and a multiple contri­bu­tor to the Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy. His lecture series, The Quest for Mea­ning: Va­lues, Ethics and the Modern Experience, appears in The Great Courses on Tape Series of The Teaching Company (Chantilly, Virginia). His book, The Significance of Free Will, was the first annual winner of the Robert W. Hamilton Faculty Book Award. His article, “The Modal Ontological Argument” (Mind, 1984), was selected by The Philosopher’s Annual as one of ten best of 1984. The recipient of fifteen major teaching awards at the University of Texas, including the President’s Excellence Award for teaching in the University’s Honors Program, he was named in 1995 one of the inaugural members of the Universi­ty’s Aca­demy of Distinguished Teachers. He is known internationally for his defense of a libertarian or incompatibilist view of free will (one that is incomaptible with determinism) and for his attempt to reconcile such a view with modern science.



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Meeting Address

Senate House – University of London
The Woburn Suite
Malet Street
London WC1E 5DN
United Kingdom


All of the Society’s events are catered with fairtrade teas, coffees, and biscuits.

Meeting Times

The Society’s talks take place every fortnight on Mondays throughout the academic year. Each talk starts at 17.30 and lasts for approximately an hour. The remainder of the time is dedicated to discussion, which ends at 19.15.


In line with the Society’s mission to make philosophy readily available to the general public, all talks are free and membership is not required.

Draft Papers

Following 133 years of tradition, draft papers for all the talks are available in advance. Please note that draft papers can only be cited with the authors permission (see below for final publication and subscription details).

The draft paper for a talk is available approximatley one week prior to its schedule delivery.


The Aristotelian Society Podcast Series contains free audio recordings of the talks delivered for the Proceedings. The Series was launched for the 2011/12 academic year and is produced by Backdoor Broadcasting Company in conjunction with the Institute of Philosophy.

The podcast for a talk is available approximately one week after its scheduled delivery.

Publication Info


A draft paper can only be cited with the author’s permission.

Final versions of the papers – including discussion notes and exemplary graduate papers – will be published in the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society.


The Proceedings is published online via Wiley Blackwell every April (Issue No. 1), June (Issue No. 2), and October (Issue No. 3). Wiley Online houses the Society’s digital back catalogue dating from 2000 to 2012.

The Society’s archive dating from 1888 to 1999 can be accessed online via JSTOR.


In keeping with tradition, the Proceedings is published as a bound, hardcover volume which is released every October.


Subscribing Memberships

Subscribing members receive online access to the Proceedings from 2000 to the most current issue.

Subscribing members also receive the bound, hardcover volume of the latest Proceedings through the post.

Learn more about subscribing memberships with the Aristotelian Society


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